Royal Zinc 15 (Zinc mobilizing bacteria )

Royal Zinc 15 (Zinc mobilizing bacteria )

Composition: - Zinc mobilizing bacteria sp. > 5×107 (C.F.U/gm)

Mode of Action: – Royal Zinc 15 contains bacterial cells capable of producing various organic acids in a soil medium and convert the insoluble complexes of zinc into available forms.

Method of Application: - Prepare a mixture of Royal Zinc 15 @ 1 Kg/acre in soil or organic manure and broadcast over the field at the time of land preparation or just before irrigation in standing crop. Seed dressing @ 10-20 gm/Kg seed is highly beneficial in preventing the deficiency symptoms.

Formulations: - Wettable powder formulations.

Packing: - 1 K.G packing in corrugated Boxes which intern is packed in cartoons.

Shell Life: - One year from the date of manufacturing, if stored in well ventilated rooms and away from direct heat & sunlight.

Benefits: - Royal Zinc 15 betters the plant growth, crop yield & quality of plants. It helps in formulations of enzyme systems and development of shoots.