we_are_expertThe company comprises to Microbiologists and Biotechnologists backed by eminent scholars who offer value based solutions with cost effective technical competiveness. They also monitor every step in formulations and manufacturing of each of products by performance quality constant check-ups. So the products of International Biotech are well known for its quality and high standard performance.

Population explosion and the global energy have made the task of meeting the food demands challenging. No doubt the green revolution has gone a long way to meet the food demands but it has also led us to the path of deadly pollution due to excessive use of chemical insecticides, pesticides & fertilizers. These chemicals if once enter the food chain follow biological magnification resulting in various health hazards like cancer, diabetes & suppression of immune system. Moreover due to deriding oil reserves & the global energy crisis the cost of these chemical agro inputs have gone beyond the reach of small & marginal farmers. With the excessive use of inorganic fertilizers it has resulted in decrease in organic content in the soil which in turn has resulted in decrease in population of beneficial micro-organism in the soil, water and air holding capacity.

Keeping all this in mind serious attention is being paid to exploit micro-organism which is responsible to replenish the soil with certain nutrients like biological fixation of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia, solubilization of phosphorus as well as addition of organic matter to the soil.
We have the vision to provide maximum best solutions to farmers & plantation owners etc. Our vision towards the development of new biological products suitable to specific environment & combat various diseases through Bio-control agents which will help the farmers in enhancing the quality and productivity.
All our products are cost effective, ecofriendly and based on renewable sources of plants nutrients which can compete chemical fertilizers in order to provide a sustainable agriculture system & increased agricultural output. We are doing our best to save our environment from pollution making Earth a better place to live for future generations. Go Green and make your future to live better.