Mrida Rakshak (Organic Fertilizer)

Mrida Rakshak (Organic Fertilizer)

Composition: - Vermi-Compost

Mode of Action: - The potential benefits of vermicomposting of live stock excreta include control of pollution and production of value added products. During vermicomposting the important plant nutrients such as N, P, K and Ca present in the organic waste are released and converted into forms that are more soluble and available to plant.

Method of Application: - Broadcast 5-10 Kg of enriched vermi compost in one acre of land, either alone or in conjunction with Bio-fertilizers during land preparation or at the time of irrigation in standing crop.

Formulations: - Organic Manure.

Packing: - 5 K.G packing in poly bags which intern is packed in Bags.

Shell Life: - Two year from the date of manufacturing, if stored in well ventilated rooms and away from direct heat & sunlight.

Benefits: - Mrida Rakshak improves soil tenure, water holding capacity and aeration thereby improving root growth & proliferation of beneficial soil micro-organisms which include nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers & bio-control agents.