Rooter Gold (Endo Mycorrhizal )

Rooter Gold (Endo Mycorrhizal )

Composition: - Vesicular-Arbuscular mycorrhizas sp.

Mode of Action: - Mechanisms of increased absorption of essential plant nutrients from soil are both physical and chemical. Mycorrhizal mycelia are much smaller in diameter than the smallest root, and thus can explore a greater volume of soil (physical) & excretion of organic acids from the fungal cell membrane aids in ion displacement (chemical) for better nutrient absorption.

Method of Application: - Prepare a mixture of Rooter Gold @5-10 Kg/acre in soil or organic manure and broadcast over the field at the time of land preparation or furrow application at the time of sowing or just before irrigation in standing crop.

Formulations: - Wettable Granular formulations.

Packing: - 5 K.G packing in poly bags which intern are packed in cartoons.

Shell Life: - One year from the date of manufacturing, if stored in well ventilated rooms and away from direct heat & sunlight.

Benefits: - Rooter Gold are more resistant to soil borne pathogens & drought conditions and have a protective role for plants rooted in high metal containing (contaminated) soils. Better plant growth, high yield and quality of produce are main benefits of Rooter Gold.